Portfolio Modular Kitchen

The perfect space to showcase the master chef in you

A kitchen experiences two essential moments: The method of using it through actions and practices that use the furnished kitchen to the greatest extent possible and also make it more personal, the choice of the product in relation to functional appearance and requirements.

Depending on the space availability we customize the Modular Kitchens in various shapes, keeping the Kitchen work triangle as fulcrum (the insight that you are likely to perform several different tasks to prepare a meal). The work space is accordingly designed ergonomically, to reduce time distance and effort you use while cooking. The work triangle being the fulcrum the shape of the Kitchen could be L-Shaped, U-Shaped, Straight, Parallel, Island or Peninsula variety.

We offer a diversified choice of cabinetry finish Acrylic, Veneer, Glass, Lacquer, Hi-Gloss, PV, Laminate to have a great look. A Modular Kitchen that will start conversations amongst your friends and neighbours.